The conference has negotiated discounted accommodation at some hotels, with discounted hotel rooms ratesfrom 30 to 60 Euro (single) and also in the Izmir University Guest House (15 Euro (single)). All hotels are located in the vicinity of Izmir University (10-15 minutes by bus). Their locations and details will be announced on the web site later. Discounted hotel rooms rates at the hotels will only be given to registered participants from

All participants are kindly recommended to book accommodation;

  • Either paying the registration fee to the accout of the conference
  • Or, especially for participants from Algeria, sending air-tickets to Dr. Amar Debouche,

Since the number of discounted hotel rooms are limited, all hotel rates are valid only for these registered participants of the conference, and only at the time of conference.


    The hotel is located in the city center, which is within walking distance to the shopping and business districts of Izmir. Hotel Konak is a distinguished hotel overlooking a magnificent view of Aegean Sea, offers a rich selection from Turkish and international cuisines. It takes 15-minute by bus (no. 169, 554) along the Seaside Boulevard to Izmir University.

    Single room (per night, breakfast included) 55 Euro; Double room 70 Euro
    Address: Mithatpaşa Avenue, No:128, Konak – İzmir

  2. DEVAK Hotel (Dokuz Eylul University Hotel)
    This hotel is located on the coast of Izmir, offering rooms with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. The famous Kordon Boulevard is only 200 metres away with many fish restaurants and cafes. It takes 35-minute walk along the Seaside Boulevard to Izmir University, or 10-minute by bus (no. 169, 554).

    Single room (per night, breakfast included) 40 Euro; Double room 60 Euro
    Address: Mithatpaşa Avenue, 35280 Konak - İzmir

  3. Izmir University Guest House
    The Guest House is located near the coast of Izmir (5 min walk), offering rooms with air conditioning. It takes 10-minute walk to Izmir University.

    Single room (per night, breakfast and diner included) 15 Euro; Double room 30 Euro