List of participants


# Name of participant Address Title of communication Type of communication
001Peter GilkeyUniversity of Oregon, United StatesHeat Content Asymptotics - Theory and Practice.Plenary Lecture
002Mokhtar KiraneUniversity of La Rochelle, FranceOn a Fractional Reaction Diffusion System with a Balance LawPlenary Lecture
003Juan J. TrujilloUniversity of La Laguna, SpainOne and n-dimensional fractional operators: Some open problemsPlenary Lecture
004Vladimir FedorovChelyabinsk State University, Russian FederationAnalytic family of solution operators for degenerate fractional equationsPlenary Lecture
005Evgenii EkomasovBashkir State University, Russian FederationInteraction of sine-Gordon solitons in the model with attracting impurities and dampingPlenary Lecture
006Helmut MaurerUniversity of Münster, GermanySome optimal control applications in Biology and BiomedicinePlenary Lecture
007JinRong WangGuizhou University, ChinaIterative learning control law with initial state learning for impulsive differential systemsPlenary Lecture
008Dumitru BaleanuInstitute of Space Sciences, Magurele-Bucharest, RomaniaSome open problems in fractional dynamicsPlenary Lecture
009Juan J. NietoUniversity of Santiago de Compostela, SpainNew directions in fractional differential equationsPlenary Lecture
010Delfim F. M. TorresUniversity of Aveiro, PortugalOptimal control of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDSPlenary Lecture
011Anatoly YagolaLomonosov Moscow State University, Russian FederationRegularizing algorithms for image restorationPlenary Lecture
012Mohamed Tayeb LaskriBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaThe Elearning: challenges and perspectivesOral
013Natalia IvanovaChelyabinsk State University, South Ural State University, Russian FederationNonlocal in time problem for a class of partial differential equationsOral
014Marina PlekhanovaChelyabinsk State University, South Ural State University, Russian FederationCauchy problem for a high order quasilinear degenerate equationOral
015Amar DebboucheGuelma University, AlgeriaRelaxation and optimality properties in nonlinear control problems of fractional nonlocal systemsOral
016Lidiya BorelChelyabinsk State University, Russian FederationInvestigation of Degenerate Evolution Equations with Memory Using the Methods of the Theory of Semigroups of OperatorsOral
017Nadjib BoussetilaGuelma University, AlgeriaAn iterative regularization method for non classical inverse heat equationsOral
018Mohamed DalahUniversity Constantine 1, AlgeriaFinite element method and Two-Grid method applied for solving electro-visco-elastic contact problemOral
019Abderafik BenrabahGuelma University, AlgeriaRegularization method for an abstract ill-posed bibarabolic problemOral
020Mourad KerbouaGuelma University, AlgeriaComplete controllability of nonlocal fractional stochastic differential evolution equations with Poisson jumpsOral
021Nedjemeddine DerdarBadji Mokhtar-Annaba University, AlgeriaDegenerate impulsive fractional dynamic inclusions with nonlocal control conditionsOral
022Hamid BoularesGuelma University & University of Annaba, AlgeriaStability in nonlinear delay fractional differential equationsOral
023Gisèle MophouUniversité des Antilles et de la Guyane, FranceOn the controllability of fractional differential equationsOral
024Abbes BenchaabaneGuelma University, AlgeriaComplete controllability of stochastic systems with impulsive effects in Hilbert spaceOral
025Alireza KhastanInstitute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences-Zanjan, IranSolution of first order linear difference equations with uncertaintyOral
026Rathinasamy SakthivelSri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology-Coimbatore, IndiaRobust sampled-data control for uncertain dynamical systemsOral
027Leila LargateGuelma University, AlgeriaTheoretical investigation of metal ion inserted M-DNAOral
028Abdelmalek BrahimSouk-Ahras University, AlgeriaOn the nonlinear elliptic problems involving $p-$Kirchhoff typeOral
029Anwar JawadAl-Rafidain University College, IraqSolitary wave solutions for systems of non-linear partial differential equationsOral
030Imene TouilJijel University, AlgeriaA feasible-interior point method for linear semi-definite programmingOral
031Saida SeridiGuelma University, AlgeriaMolecular modeling studies of the inclusion complex of Dihydroisoquinoline sulfonamide with β-cyclodextrinOral
032Safia HenineBatna University, AlgeriaGlobal existence and blow up of solutions for Gierer-Meinhardt systemsOral
033Aly R. SeadawyTaibah University, Al-Ula, Saudi ArabiaClassification of travelling wave solutions of the fifth-order KdV equations and its stabilityOral
034Nedjoua CheghibGuelma University, AlgeriaSynthesis and evaluation of anti-cancer properties of new derivatives Quinolin typeOral
035Nabil KribesGuelma University, AlgeriaStatistical analysis of surface roughness in hard turning with AL2O3 and TiC mixed ceramic toolsOral
036Sihem MahouiUniversity of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, USTHB-Algiers, AlgeriaPoint-wise control for problems with missing dataOral
037Maamar StitiGuelma University, AlgeriaA molecular modelling and spectroscopic study on the interaction between cyclomaltoheptaose and a kind of BenzoxazolinoneOral
038Maysaa Al QurashiKing Saud University, Saudi ArabiaStability analysis of traveling wave solutions for generalized coupled nonlinear KdV equationsOral
039Jorge LosadaUniversidade de Santiago de Compostela, SpainOn quasi-periodic properties of fractional integrals and fractional derivatives of periodic functionsOral
040Mohamed DjidelUniversity Kasdi Merbah-Ouargla, AlgeriaCombination of a few methods of supervised classification by remote sensing for soil occupation mapping from Landsat imagesOral
041Imene OtmaniGuelma University, AlgeriaStatistical methods of multilayer perceptron with applications in MedicineOral
042Malek AichourGuelma University, AlgeriaNovel selective mutation operator for tree-based evolutionary AlgorithmOral
043Fethi MedjaniUniversity Kasdi Merbah-Ouargla, AlgeriaModelling of the transport of pollutant in a groundwater aquiferOral
044Ioannis DassiosUniversity of Limerick & University College Dublin, IrelandSingular linear systems of fractional nabla difference equationsOral
045Rida ZarritCentre de Développement des Energies Renouvelables-Ghardaïa, AlgeriaNumerical modeling of natural convection in rectangular inclined enclosures: influence of the aspect ratio and angles of inclinationOral
046Rahma AgroumUniversité Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris, FranceSpectral discretization of the time-dependent Navier-Stokes problem coupled with the heat equationOral
047Ahmed BoudaouiUniversity of Adrar, AlgeriaExistence Results for Stochastic Impulsive Semilinear Neutral Functional integro-differential inclusions driven by a fractional Brownian motionOral
048Carla PintoSchool of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto, PortugalFractional feed-forward networksOral
049Fardous TouficKing Saud University, Saudi ArabiaFixed points in kleene AlgebraOral
050Baya TakhedmitUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaA parametric uncertainty analysis method for queues with vacationsOral
051Salvatore Di Bella Università di Palermo, ItalySome spectral properties for operators acting on Rigged Hilbert spacesOral
052Sofiane MessirdiTlemcen University, AlgeriaOn nonhomogeneous elliptic equations with critical Sobolev exponent and prescribed singularitiesOral
053Amina Angelika BouchentoufUniversity of Sidi Bel Abbes, AlgeriaNonparametric estimation of a conditional quantile density function for time series dataOral
054Zoubir DahmaniUMAB-University of Mostaganem, AlgeriaExistence, uniqueness and stability of soutions for Lane-Emden fractional differential equationsOral
055Fairouz TchierKing Saud University, Saudi ArabiaSome properties on fuzzy and demonic operatorsOral
056Said Mohamed SaidOuargla University, AlgeriaOn a quasi linear problem modelling the flow underlying the surfaces water before the arrival of the destructive waves like that of tsunamiOral
057Ahmed DaliUniversity of Bechar, AlgeriaMulti-quasielliptic and Gevrey regularity of hypoelliptic differential operatorsOral
058Natalia YaparovaSouth Ural State University, Russian FederationNumerical method for solving an inverse problem of identifying the source functionOral
059Zohra BouteffalSidi Bel Abbes University, AlgeriaImpulsive hyperbolic system of partial differential equations of fractional order with delayOral
060Nacira seddik-AmeurLaboratory of probability and statistics LaPS, Badji Mokhtar university, AlgeriaGoodness-of-fit tests for Kumaraswamy generalized exponential distributionsOral
061Mustafa MoumniUniversity of Biskra, AlgeriaStability and chaos in a Yang-Mills systemOral
062Linda MennicheJijel University, AlgeriaA Logarithmic barrier approach for linear programmingOral
063Hamid RouhparvarIslamic Azad University-Saveh, IranSolutions of Fuzzy partial differential equationOral
064Younes El BassemCadi Ayyad University-Marrakech, MoroccoGround state properties of EVEN-EVEN and ODD Nd, Ce AND Sm isotopes in Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov methodOral
065Boudjelal MeftahUniversity of Mustapha Stambouli-Mascara, AlgeriaMedical images segmentation using echo state networksOral
066Zahra AlijaniInstitute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Zanjan, IranFuzzy transform to approximate solution of two-point boundary value problemsOral
067Rochdi Bachir BouiadjraUniversity of Mustapha Stambouli-Mascara, AlgeriaOutput feedback nonlinear H-infinity control using weighted residuals based neural network methodOral
068Antonov ValerySaint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationFractal Analysis of Biological Signals in a Real Time ModeOral
069Iqbal HamadaTahar Moulay University of Saida, AlgeriaRelative controllability of fractional stochastic dynamical systems with multiple delays in controlOral
070Yamina LaskriBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaConstrained and unconstrained optimization by trust regions with local approximationsOral
071Amir ShomaliIslamic Azad University, Sanandaj Branch, IranThe autocentral automorphisms of finite groupsOral
072Amrane HouasUniversity of Biskra, AlgeriaA novel binary image encryption algorithm based on diffuse representationOral
073Robab AlikhaniUniversity of Tabriz, IranNonlinear second order fuzzy differential equations by fixed point in partially ordered setsOral
074Murat SatErzincan University, TurkeyOn the Hochstadt-Lieberman theorem for Singular canonical Dirac operatorOral
075Fazia RahmouneUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaDynamic games approach to the analysis of strategic behavior of customers and the server in the M/M/1 queueOral
076Masoumeh ZeinaliUniversity of Tabriz, IranThe existence result of the equation of the motion of a particle in a viscous fluidOral
077AbdelKrim KhireddineUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaA new INSAR flattening algorithm based on modulation of the fringes frequencyOral
078Tolkyn MirgalikyzyL.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, KazakhstanApplication of the method of integral equations in the problem of electrical sounding for a three-dimensional media with topographyOral
079Fethi Bin Muhammad BelgacemSumudu applications to stochastics, statistics, and correlation theory, KuwaitSumudu applications to stochastics, statistics and correlation theoryOral
080Haci Mehmet BaskonusTunceli University, TurkeyOn some new complex analytical solutions for the nonlinear long short-wave interaction system with complex structureOral
081Emanuel GuarigliaUniversity of Salerno, ItalyOn some properties of the fractional derivative of the Riemann zeta functionOral
082Yeliz KaracaSuleyman Sah University-Istanbul, TurkeyThe application of support vector machines for the classification of multiple sclerosis subgroupsOral
083Akram Mohammadpouriuniversity of Tabriz, IranClassification Results for $L_r$-Biharmonic Hypersurfaces in $mathbb{E}^{n+1}$Oral
084Salem ChaguetmiGuelma University, AlgeriaComputational experimentations for physical properties of multicomponent fluorohafnate glassesOral
085Elen BatinaNTUU “KPI”, UkraineOn the choice of parameters of the high-frequency Devices simulation in NI MULTISIMOral
086Karima LaghaUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaNonparametric sequential estimation of the probability density function by orthogonal series with cosine basisOral
087Mohammed ChebbahTizi Ouzou University, AlgeriaA new improved version of optimal control solving nonlinear model of fuzzy discrete and continuous multi-objectives Gabassov (Kirillova) exact methodsOral
088Samia AmiratUniversity of Souk Ahras, AlgeriaSimulation of docking (E)-1-(4-(Aminophenyl)-3-(4-Flurophenyl) PROP-2-EN-1-one in curbit(7)Uril: A molecular modeling approachOral
089Abderrahmane ZaraïCheikh El Arbi Tébessi University-Tébessa, AlgeriaGlobal existence and blowing up of solution for non linear wave equations of Kirchhoff type with a weak fractional dampingOral
090Ali KhelifaUniversity of Khemis Miliana, AlgeriaCharacterizations of classical d-orthogonal polynomialsOral
091Saloua LabedUniversity of Biskra, AlgeriaMartingale measures and stochastic controlOral
092Kamel HachamaUniversity of Khemis Miliana, AlgeriaMathematical modeling and optimization of chemical batch reactorOral
093Rafik GuefaifiaCheikh El Arbi Tébessi University-Tébessa, AlgeriaExistence of positive weak solutions for a class of nonlocal elliptic systemsOral
094Ege TamciIzmir University, TurkeyThe heat flux identification problem for a nonlinear parabolic equation in 2DOral
095Sadia ArshadCOMSATS institute of information technology-Lahore, PakistanOn stability of fractional order model of HIV infectionOral
096Ivan AreaUniversidade de Vigo, SpainRecursive approach for generating generalised Zernike polynomialsOral
097Raytcho LazarovTexas A&M University, United StatesRecent advances in numerical methods for fractional differential equationsOral
098Yasmina NasriUniversity of Tlemcen, AlgeriaExistence and multiplicity results for elliptic equation with singular growthOral
099Nour El Houda BensiradjUniversity of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, USTHB-Algiers, AlgeriaDFT and TDDFT Studies of the Systems [M (TePh)_2] [TMEDA] M=Zn,CdOral
100Yasmina ZianeUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaAdaptative bandwidth selection in kernel density estimation for nonnegative heavy tailed dataOral
101Lynda HarfoucheUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaEstimation of discrete probability density associated with the kernel methodOral
102Abdelwahed El BatoulCadi Ayyad University-Marrakesh, MoroccoExact solutions of deformed Schrödinger equation for the Pöschl-Teller double-ring-shaped coulomb potentialOral
103Boualem SadaouiKhemis Miliana University, AlgeriaBehaviour at the non positive integers of a class of multiple Dirichlet seriesOral
104Saddek GuerfiaBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaStatistical evaluation of the distribution of the population in the Algerian physical spaceOral
105Nigar Yildirim AksoyKafkas University, TurkeyThe Variational method for the Solution of an Inverse ProblemOral
106Fadila LeslousUniversity Mouloud Mammeri, Tizi-ouzou, AlgeriaNonconvex optimization based on DC programming and DCA in the search of a global optimum of a nonconvex functionOral
107Anna FirsovaKrylov State Research Centre, Russian FederationStatistical analysis of solution accuracy for inverse problems in electrodynamicsOral
108Lakhdar RagoubAl Yamamah University-Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaNon existence of solutions of a third boundary value problemOral
109Zahia AmrouchiUniversity Mouloud Mammeri, Tizi-ouzou, AlgeriaModelling of semi-infinite practical problem in connection with a humanoid robotOral
110Jean-Pierre AtanasPetroleum Institute, United Arab EmiratesSimulation and modeling of a wall loss measurement through combined FBG sensors for pressurized pipesOral
111Alip MohammedThe Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOne Ring or More Rings? Corona Ring Design for 400kV High Voltage Non - Ceramic InsulatorsOral
112Farid MerahiUniversity of Ferhat Abbas-Setif 1, AlgeriaA new control algorithm for an optimal maximum power point operation: Application to the wind turbineOral
113Abdon AtanganaUniversity of the Free State, South AfricaControlling the wave movement on the surface of shallow water with the Caputo--Fabrizio derivative with fractional orderOral
114Zehra PinarUniversity of Namık Kemal, TurkeyThe solutions of nonlinear evaluation equations via Hermite approximationOral
115Djamel eddine GuessoumBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaStatistical information on the squatter housingOral
116Mahmut BağcıIstanbul Kavram Vocational College, TurkeyA comparison of the lattice solitons governed by the NLS equation and NLSM systemsOral
117Ahmad AlkandariCollege of Technological Studies-PAAET, KuwaitUsing estimated fuzzy linear parameters for electrical load estimationOral
118Imran NaeemLahore University of Management Sciences, PakistanConserved currents and exact solution of some systems of nonlinear PDEsOral
119Rehana NazLahore School of Economics, PakistanA partial Lagrangian method for models of EconomicsOral
120Abdelkader DellalENS-Kouba, AlgeriaExistence of solutions for p(x)-solitons type equations in several space dimensionsOral
121Bader A. AlkandariCollege of Technological Studies-PAAET, KuwaitEconomic dispatch with fuzzy load and cost function coefficients of all thermal power systemsOral
122Farouk BenoumelazEl Hadj Lakhdar University-Batna, AlgeriaThe use of linear programming in solving the transportation problemOral
123Aissa Nasli BakirHassiba Benbouali University of Chlef, AlgeriaOn Aluthge transform and non normality of operatorsOral
124Lotfi BoudjenahUniversity of Oran1, AlgeriaOn the structure of the set solution of a class of Paratingent equation with delayed argumentOral
125Mehmet KurtIzmir University, TurkeyThe band collocation problem and its combinatorial modelOral
126Ahmad MoussaviTarbiat Modares.University, IranOn nilpotent elements in Ore extensionsOral
127Ekin DeliktasIstanbul Technical Universty, TurkeyEffect of Slow Layer on the Propagation of Surface Elastic SH Waves in a Double Layered Nonlinear Elastic Half SpaceOral
128Ilknur YesilceMersin University, TurkeyRelationship between Convex and B-convex FunctionsOral
129Halil ZeybekAbdullah Gul University, TurkeySolitary-wave solutions of the GEW equation using quintic B-spline collocation methodOral
130Ali AkgülSiirt University, TurkeyMultiple Solutions of Second Order Differential EquationsOral
131Samia LatrecheUniversity of Ferhat Abbas-Setif 1, AlgeriaModelling and simulation of failures in the distillation columnOral
132Fatma Ayca CetinkayaMersin University, TurkeyAsymptotic behaviour of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of a boundary value problem with retarded argumentOral
133Carlo CattaniUniversity of Salerno, ItalyApplication of the Sumudu transform to the Riemann Zeta function and consequencesOral
134Aynur Zhumadillayeva L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, KazakhstanEnergetic method of solving nonlinear established tasks of thermomechanics for the rod superalloysOral
135Mourad Kainane MezadekUniversity of Chlef, AlgeriaLocalization and pseudospectrum of some matrixOral
136Hossein JafariUniversity of South Africa, South AfricaGroup analysis of the time-fractional Buckmaster equation with Riemann-Liouville derivativeOral
137Tunc OygurYeditepe University, TurkeyChaos Measures for Autoregressive Fractionally Integrated Moving Average Difference EquationsOral
138Özlem OrhanIstanbul Technical University, TurkeyConservation Laws of Ermakov-Pinney EquationOral
139Bariza BoutarfaGuelma University, AlgeriaStructural electronic and optical properties of alloys with first principlesOral
140Guo-Cheng WuNeijiang Normal University, ChinaLattice fractional diffusion equation of random orderOral
141Omrane AmiriSouk-Ahras University, AlgeriaOn the ARCH model with estimates of the inflation varianceOral
142Conrad Bertrand TabiBotswana International University of Science and Technology, BotswanaInvestigation of the Keller-Segel model with a fractional derivativeOral
143Ioan-Lucian Popa"1 Decembrie 1918" University of Alba Iulia, RomaniaNonuniform $(mu, u)-$Trichotomy of Linear Discrete-Time Systems in Banach SpacesOral
144Badredine BoumarafUniversity of Souk Ahras, AlgeriaThe double Pareto-Lognormal distribution and its applications in actuarial science and financeOral
145Ahmed BoufelfelGuelma University, AlgeriaSchrodinger equation in nano scienceOral
146Anton SelitskiyDorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS, Russian FederationOn a New Class of Operators Satisfying the Kato ConjectureOral
147Akeel ShahUniversity of Warwick, United KingdomA two-level method for emulating parameterized dynamic partial differential equation modelsOral
148Fadhel Saif BushehriPublic Authority for Applied Education and Training, KuwaitDesign, workshop development interior design and furniture sectionOral
149Maria Filomena TeodoroCINAV, Escola Naval, Base Naval de Lisboa, PortugalOn the approach of a mixed type functional differential equation from PhysiologyOral
150Amir Hossein ShokouhiPayame Noor University-Tehran, IranA new family of large sets of t-designs and cryptographyOral
151Karima BelaideUniversité Abderrahmane Mira de Béjaïa, AlgeriaSolving a stochastic inverse problem using an iterative method with unknown operatorPoster
152Nabila BarroukUniversity of Souk Ahras, AlgeriaExistence of global solutions for systems of reaction-diffusion with compact resultPoster
153Amel NouiBatna University, AlgeriaGlobal optimization: the Alienor mixed method with branch and bound techniquePoster
154Sonia BadiGuelma University, AlgeriaSupramolecular study on the interaction between doxorubicin and β-cyclodextrinPoster
155Habiba BouzitGuelma University, AlgeriaA computational study of Host-guest interaction between Benzoxazolinone and β-cyclodextrinPoster
156Salah MenouarUniversity of Ferhat Abbas-Setif 1, AlgeriaExact wave functions for time-dependent non central modified Kratzer potentialPoster
157Suad AlhemedanKing Saud University, Saudi ArabiaRiesz-Martin representation for positive polysuperharmonic functions in a harmonic spacePoster
158Sid-Ahmed SlimaneUniversity of Science and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf-Oran, AlgeriaFinite element Analysis rigidity of the Screw-Nut-parts assemblies with the thermal loads methodPoster
159Samir DjorfiBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaInfluence of morphology and human activities on the evolution of water chemistry a semi arid aquifer: The Tamlouka plain case studyPoster
160Djamel RihiaBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaApplication of the method of analysis in principal component (APC) on the waters of the region of Bekkouche LakhdarPoster
161Hamida Fekirini University of Sidi Bel Abbes, AlgeriaA finite element calculation of the stress intensity factors for interface cracks in continuous fiber compositesPoster
162Abdelkader SlimaneCenter of Satellite Development, USTO-Oran, AlgeriaAnalysis by the design of experiment method of the square head expanderPoster
163Assia ChadliAnnaba University , Algerialifetime analysis based on the Rayleigh distribution under progressively censored dataPoster
164Rachida RouaneSaida University, AlgeriaNote on nonparametric M-estimation for spatial regressionPoster
165Chems Eddine BerrehailUniversity of Annaba, AlgeriaOn the limit cycles for a class of sixth-order differential equationsPoster
166Ali RimoucheTlemcen University, AlgeriaOn nonhomogeneous elliptic equations involving critical Sobolev exponent and weightPoster
167Meselem KarrasUniversity of Khemis Miliana, AlgeriaAn inequality of an arithmetical function related to the number of divisors of an integerPoster
168Toufik AmieurUniversity Kasdi Merbah-Ouargla, AlgeriaDesign of Fractional Order PI^{λ}D^{µ} Controller for DC MotorPoster
169Halima MécheriBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaDomain decomposition method for ergodic variational inequalitiesPoster
170Billel ZiregBadji Mokhtar-Annaba University, AlgeriaOn the numerical study of bilateral obstacle optimal control problem with source termPoster
171Abedelkader MoulaySidi Bel Abbes University, AlgeriaStochastic evolution equations with state-dependent delay in infiite dimention spacePoster
172Mohamed BoualemResearch Unit LaMOS (Modeling and Optimization of Systems), University of Bejaia, AlgeriaAn M/G/1 Retrial Queue with Negative Customers and Bernoulli Feedback: Stochastic Comparison ApproachPoster
173Farid NouiouaMed Cherif Messadia University of Souk-Ahras, AlgeriaExistence of periodic solutions for second order nonlinear neutral differential equations with functional delayPoster
174Fatiha BaracheUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaOptimization of Energy-Efficient control power in wireless networks: a multi-criterion game-theoretic approchePoster
175Abdelfetah BelaidConstantine University, AlgeriaStudy of laminar-turbulent transient ascending and descending flow conjugated with mixed convection in a vertical channelPoster
176Imad El HarrakiMoulay Ismail University, MoroccoControllability Of semilinear damped wave equationsPoster
177Abdenour MekhmoukhUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaImage segmentation using particle swarm optimization and level set methodsPoster
178Fairouz BouchelaghemUniversity Abdelhamid Ibn Badis of Mostaganem, AlgeriaControllability of dynamical systemsPoster
179Zina HamoudiUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaNorm bounds for the G/M/1/N and M/M/1/N queuePoster
180Hamida TalhiBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaComparison of the maximum likelihood and bayes estimators for symmetric bivariate exponential distribution under different loss functionsPoster
181Lilia BousbiatBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaPeriodic solutions of some polynomial differential systems in dimension 3 via averaging theoryPoster
182Rym BenseghirBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaPeriodic measure for the stochastic equation of the barotropic viscous gas in a discretized one-dimensional domainPoster
183Mohammed BelloufiUniversity of Souk Ahras, AlgeriaA new conjugate gradient direction for large scale nonlinear unconstrained OptimizationPoster
184Nour Eddine RahaliUniversity of Souk Ahras, AlgeriaGlobal convergence of a new conjugate-direction method under the strong Wolfe-Powell line searchPoster
185Djahida TilbiUniversity 20 August 1955 Skikda, AlgeriaChi-squared test for generalized Rayleigh distributionPoster
186Lala Maghnia AlemUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaMonotonicity properties of M1,M2/G1,G2/1 retrial queue with two way communicationPoster
187Fateh SaciUniversité de 20 août 1955 - Skikda, AlgeriaComputational modeling of fluid flows in the presence of obstaclesPoster
188Zeyneb BouderbalaBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaOn the limit cycles of the Floquet differential systemsPoster
189Ahmed DiafKhemis Miliana University, AlgeriaPolygonal method for second-derivative LagrangianPoster
190Ghania HadjiUniversity of Souk Ahras, AlgeriaGlobal convergence of class of conjugate gradient method for unconstrained optimizationPoster
191Zahia BelyacineUniversité 20 août 1955-Skikda, AlgeriaThe existence of nontrivial solutions to nonlinear elliptic equation in $mathbb{R}^{N}$Poster
192Fatiha MesloubCheikh El Arbi Tébessi University-Tébessa, AlgeriaOn a coupled nonlinear singular thermoelastic systemPoster
193Amina BoumedieneUniversity of Souk Ahras, AlgeriaConvergence properties of a class of nonlinear system via conjugate gradient methodsPoster
194Naima HakkarGuelma University, AlgeriaSolvability problem for fractional dynamic systems and optimal controlsPoster
195Hocine BoukabchaUniversity of Khemis Miliana, AlgeriaDetermination of the ground state energy of symmetric PT complex potential in the framework of Feynman integrals formalismPoster
196Tahar BoualiCheikh El Arbi Tébessi University-Tébessa, AlgeriaExistence of weak positive solution for class of ( p_{1}, p_{2},...,p_{n})-laplacian elliptic system with different weightsPoster
197Imene SoualhiaBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaFixed points and stability in nonlinear neutral integro-differential equations with variable delayPoster
198Sarra GuechiGuelma University, AlgeriaAn optimal control problem for nonlocal fractional differential equationsPoster
199Sana MerzouguiGuelma University, AlgeriaImpulsive fractional differential controlled inclusions in Hilbert spacesPoster
200Souhila RezzoukUniversity of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, USTHB-Algiers, AlgeriaDFT/TD-DFT and CIS calculations of visible spectra and vibrational frequencies of cis 1,3-indanediolPoster
201Bilel BouyoucefUniversity Akli Mohand Oulhadj of Bouira, AlgeriaBilateral contact problem with adhesion and damage for an electro elasticviscoplastic bodyPoster
202Abdessamad Elalami Moulay Ismail University, MoroccoRegional stabilization for semilenear parabolic systemsPoster
203Mohsen AlipourBabol University of Technology, IranOperational matrices for solving fractional variational problems depending on indefinite integralsPoster
204Nesrine KamoucheEl Hadj Lakhdar University-Batna, AlgeriaGeometrical approach of the asymptotic expansion of double integralsPoster
205Bilal AchouriUniversity of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, USTHB-Algiers, AlgeriaThe carbon nanotube confinement effect on proton transfer and methyl group transfer: Theoretical studyPoster
206Fatma LitimeinUniversity Djilali Liabes-Sidi Bel Abbes, AlgeriaFirst principle calculations on optoelectronic properties of BiNbO4Poster
207Abdesselam MakhloufiAbbas Leghrour University-Khenchla , AlgeriaTheoretical studies of the spectroscopic (FT-IR, NMR), conformational stability, structure and reaction mechanism of 2-hydroxyquinoxaline derivatives and its tautomersPoster
208Khir eddine ZellaguiUniversity of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, USTHB-Algiers, AlgeriaOptical properties of organic DBRs used in solar cellsPoster
209kheireddine BiroudTlemcen University, AlgeriaNonlinear elliptic problem with singular term at the boundaryPoster
210Mohammed NehariUniversity of Tlemcen, AlgeriaExistence of solutions for a quasilinear elliptic equation with nonlocal boundary conditions on time scalesPoster
211Kheira MekhalfiSaida University, AlgeriaSemilinear functional differential equations with fractional order and finite delayPoster
212Hichem DifConseil National de Comptabilite-Algiers, AlgeriaOn the use of computers in the accounting tasksPoster
213Rima GhemitFerhat Abbas University-Setif, AlgeriaMathematical modeling of kinetic adsorption from layered double hydroxide interlayerPoster
214Mabrouka DidiBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaQuantitative structure-property relationship studies for predicting flash points of unsaturated hydrocarbons using GA-MLR methodPoster
215Sana JavedCOMSATS Institute of Information and Technology, Lahore, PakistanAnalysis of fractional Hepatitis modelPoster
216Rachid BelgacemHassiba Benbouali University of Chlef, AlgeriaThe modified Gradient-Average direction of subgradient methodPoster
217Tayeb Hadj KaddourHassiba Benbouali University of Chlef, AlgeriaBlow-up results of solutions for some weight damped wave partial fractional differential equationsPoster
218Abdallah CheraitiaGuelma University, AlgeriaSynthesis and characterization of antacids industrial ceramic refractory from some kaolinsPoster
219Elham SefidgarAtatürk University, TurkeyThe numerical solution of the fractional Algebric-differential equations by fractional complex transform methodPoster
220Lynda SeridiGuelma University, AlgeriaStructural, electronic study and QTAIM analysis of host-guest interaction of Warfarin with β-cyclodextrin and calix[4]arenePoster
221Vasilis TriantafyllidisUniversity of Warwick, United KingdomFully Bayesian neural networks for high dimensional output spacesPoster
222Wei XingUniversity of Warwick, United KingdomGaussian process emulation for high-dimensional outputs based on diffusion mapsPoster